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Upemba was once one of the most biodiverse parks in all of Africa, and between the 1950-70’s was home to various species of big game including lion, elephant and rhino. Due to years of abuse, poaching and instability wildlife has been almost completely depleted. The park contains the last remaining zebra in the entire DRC (a herd of about 20 individuals), the last elephants in the Katanga province, and recently a few isolated pairs of oribi and several troops of baboons have been seen here.  " class="has-pullquote pullquote-adelle">Birdlife is surprisingly diverse with many endemic and endangered species such as the shoebilled stalk and the wattled crane. The Goliath Tiger fish has also been spotted on numerous occasions in areas of the Lufira River which runs through the park.

Upemba zebra
Upemba zebra running
Upemba zebra
Everyone say “Cheese”
Confiscated zebra skin
Zebra languishing on the vast savannah
Zebra monitor movement in the vicinity
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