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Call from the wild

Our story

Our story starts many years ago, when the conservation of nature was the privilege and responsibility of a select few. Bernhard Grzimek was one of these adventurous and dedicated pioneers, who understood the need to protect and conserve unique ecosystems and the threatened wildlife within them. He turned Frankfurt Zoological Society into a modern conservation organisation and he spearheaded the struggle to protect some of the most unique and endangered ecosystems in the world, such as Serengeti in Tanzania or Virunga in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, the conservation of nature has changed, and so have we. We are a dedicated team of conservationists working in the field, managing projects in national parks and protected areas. We grind away trying to constantly improve things and make sure protected areas and species remain…protected. We are here to tell you our story.

Why call from the wild?

Nature conservation has become complex, and it now involves a global village. Governments, local and international NGOs, media, local people and the international community all take part in conservation today. The conservation of nature has become the responsibility of the entire world. We, as a conservation organisation, have to adapt to these changes in the environment and this is why we have launched Call from the Wild: an initiative meant to link the concerned international community with these wild lands and wildlife, as well as our teams on the ground.

What can I do?

So what can you do? First, like us on FaceBook and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Join the community that is forming behind this effort. Become better educated on the issue of nature conservation, spread the word and share our stories and updates with your social networks in the online space.

Conducting activities in the field requires funds. Become a partner of Frankfurt Zoological Society and donate or fundraise on our behalf. Your funds will go straight into the field and help conserve and protect these endangered species and unique wild lands, as our administrative costs are covered by grants from various partners. Moreover, if you are from the United States, these donations are tax deductible.

Our goal

Call from the Wild is an initiative of the Frankfurt Zoological Society. We are the leading field-based organisation in the world and we are based on the ground, in national parks and other protected areas. Our mission is to protect and conserve wildlife and ecosystems in protected areas and outstanding wilderness areas. Our goal is to connect people like you with endangered wildlife, national parks and our field teams.

Legal notice

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